Thank you for being with us between 2013-2017.

For contributing your ideas and insights as a group of students spread across universities in the UK tried to do their part in making politics more accessible. This now feels like decades ago, as we're witnessing an era of unprecedented activism and engagement.

Politics Made Public started sunsetting in 2017. Many of our former contributors are still engaged with trying to make sense of and bring justice to the current historical moment. All power to those who keep the flame alive. However, we feel it is time to bring closure to the outlet, which no longer has any capacity for maintenance.

The greatest of appreciation, admiration, and love to especially our contributors and editors who were the hearts and souls of this outlet. We wish you all the very best in the time ahead. We can, for a limited time, reproduce pdf versions of your articles, should you need them (for this, you can contact one of the former editors).

Thanks again to all our readers and supporters for being on this journey with us.

Finally, in case you do by some coincidence find yourself on this page, we encourage you to engage thoroughly with the many initiatives calling for justice in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others by the hand of the police. These murders were the result of centuries of entrenched white supremacy, racism and colonialism, which gave rise to the societies we today enjoy, on the back of the exploitation and violence most virulently against Black people. We urge you to challenge this wherever you can. Because Black Lives Matter.

Here are some resources for reflection, learning and unlearning.

Once again, thank you.