• Subversive Rap: Introducing ‘The Bleak Project’

    Subversive Rap: Introducing ‘The Bleak Project’ Music is a form of art. Art is reflective and informative of the culture from that which it emerges. Through rhythm, expression and emotion, music is able to communicate ideas, voice stories and inspire change. Music entertains, but it also has the potential to provide both radical and meaningful

  • On Poetry and Politics: “Vocalising Resistance”

    Throughout history, poetic lyricism as a medium has been used widely in the format of spoken word. Poetry and performance are brought together as a means through which individuals are able to communicate and educate; sharing joy, pain, anger and personal experiences. The SOAS Palestine Society presented an evening on the 27th of November where

  • Emily Jacir: Europa – Exhibition Review

    Palestinian-born artist, Emily Jacir uses conceptualism and performance art to present a political cause. Known for her powerful works of art that poetic as they are biographical, Jacir explores histories of migration and how cultures and displaced identities from the Middle East settled in away from ‘home’. Highlights include Material For a Film (2004-present) an

  • Lost Journeys: The Stories of Child Refugees

    Professionals, academics and students from all subject areas attended ‘Lost Journeys: The Stories of Child Refugees’ on Tuesday


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