• Showdown in Vienna

    It will be a close race in Vienna and I must admit it is a daunting thought that an ultra right-wing politician may have the support of a vast majority of the citizens of my beloved Vienna, but he hasn’t won yet

  • The NHS

    The NHS

    Formed in 1948 under the Labour Party, Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan opened Park Hospital in Manchester, with the idea that care would be provided to all those in need with no on-demand cost. The NHS is funded solely through taxation.

  • Opinion Polls: Should We Trust Them?

    Opinion Polls: Should We Trust Them?

    Following the astonishing election outcome of May 7th, we begin to question whether or not pre-election polls and forecasts can truly be trusted. For months, prominent organisations such as YouGov, ICM and Lord Ashcroft’s polls presented us with figures showing the Labour Party and the Conservatives neck-to-neck. The last official opinion poll conducted on Election

  • General Election Roundup 2015

    General Election Roundup 2015

      Whether you stayed up all night to follow the election, or woke up to discover the results, GE2015 was an election like no other and one to resonate in the British public, news and politics for a while, regardless of your political preferences. No one had a better view to the election than us,

  • The Exit Polls

    The Exit Polls

    WHAT HAPPENS NOW? The exit polls are not one hundred percent accurate, however they offer a fairly clear picture of what Parliament might look like when the last seat is counted. The results of the BBC exit poll look like this Labour:239 Conservatives:316 Liberal Democrats:10 Ukip:2 SNP:58 Other:19 The results are not all that dissimilar

  • Throwback Thursday: The Campaign Special

    Throwback Thursday: The Campaign Special

    The five biggest blunder moments of the election campaigns: 5.Nick Clegg on Channel 4’s The Last Leg; 4.Emily Thornberry “Image From #Rochester”; 3.When Clegg and Cameron didn’t attend the TV Debate; 2. Nigel Farage – Admitting he doesn’t want to be Prime minister; 1. Labour – Set In Stone. There’s a massive election hangover coming!


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