• The Weekly Roundup: On Same-Sex, Greece & IS

    The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling In the United States, an important event has happened that will probably go down in the history of mankind. On June 26th 2015, the United States became the 21st country to finally legalise same-sex marriage. President Barrack Obama, as the first US President publicly endorsing same-sex marriage, has welcome the decision

  • Rightfully Yours: What Are My Rights and How Are They Protected?

    Rightfully Yours: What Are My Rights and How Are They Protected?

    Just to clarify things right from the beginning, this is no manual on how to claim compensation for lost baggage. It also isn’t about your rights as an employee, or about your rights as a UK citizen compared to another country. If we were to go into that much detail, then you and I would

  • Your Weekly Roundup

    Your Weekly Roundup

    FIFA suspends 2026 World Cup Bidding Amid Scandal FIFA announced this week that the bidding process for the 2026 world cup host nation would be postponed due to the current investigation into possible bribery. This investigation is the result of the US’s indictment of 14 top FIFA officials on charges of corruption last month. This

  • Surviving Nuclear Zero

    Surviving Nuclear Zero

    With the sporadically torrential outbursts of rain perhaps the UNA event I attended on Friday should have taken up the challenge of “Surviving British Weather.” But instead we were taking on the (arguably) more difficult and complex prospect of “Surviving Nuclear Zero.” This event considered the hypothetical situation – what would the foreign policy of


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