• Illegal Drug Trade: The Most Profitable Market

    Illegal Drug Trade: The Most Profitable Market

    “Look at cocaine and all you see is powder. Look through cocaine and you see the world”.
    El Chapo Guzmán was born in a poor family, like many other drug-dealers. He quickly began to understand what having power and money meant.

  • Economics and Human Behaviour

    We can accept that we will never know everything for sure, and that sometimes our models will fail, but at least we will get good approximations which to most are better than nothing. Huh, heuristics at its best.

  • Economic Thought, what there is to know

    Economic Thought, what there is to know

    Economics has not reached its final form. In reality uncertainty is what the subject feeds on. It’s time to question the uncertainty of economics by looking at the subject from its political economy roots rather than as a concrete science.

  • Macroeconomics: the Big Picture

    Macroeconomics: the Big Picture

    I still remember my first ever economics class: I was in tenth grade and had a wonderful teacher, with round glasses that fell down her nose. She showed us a couple of slides; not much of it made sense. The sixth one, however, was getting to the good part: it attempted to provide a definition


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