• I’m NOT Celebrating the Nuclear Deal

    I’m NOT Celebrating the Nuclear Deal

    Yesterday, the world made history as I made my way through my last moments of slumber; proliferating social media were sentiments of “A win for diplomacy” and “nuclear non-proliferation”. Democracy, on the other hand, remains the elephant in the room. I was filled with excitement as I conceived of a country with better means to

  • The TFL Strike

    London grounded to a halt on Thursday 9th July as tube workers decided to strike over the new policies surrounding 24 hour underground services. As expected, many took to social media to shout their woes, not understanding why the unions exercised their right to strike, as all attempts of compromise were insufficient and rejected. With

  • Baltimore Riots: The Big Picture

    Baltimore Riots: The Big Picture

    On April 25th, violence erupted after days of peaceful protest over the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American who suffered fatal spine injuries whilst in police custody. After the initial spree of violence, allegedly carried out by just a small group of people, a photograph of rioters standing on a Baltimore police car

  • On Colour Blindness and Calling Out Racism

    On Colour Blindness and Calling Out Racism

    Let me make my position clear from the onset: racism is running rampant in Europe, and an increasing number of voters appear to think the problem will be solved by radical right-wingers. The above statement is born out of almost two decades spent accepting and thereafter fighting a phenomenon known to many as colour blindness,


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