• #BLM: #ShutDown Racism In Medicine

    #BLM: #ShutDown Racism In Medicine

    Just because it is not explicitly encountered, does not mean it’s not there. Sidelining the matter in medicine will simply inflame perceptions of inferiority and inequality among people of colour and race; the same goes for other professions and services too.

  • The Neglect of Native Americans in Politics

    The Neglect of Native Americans in Politics

    Throughout history Native Americans have suffered oppression from white Americans. It has been no different in this latest election period which has highlighted just how lowly they are regarded as an ethnic group in America. Native Americans have been ignored and placated by federal government to a level of unacceptable cultural genocide with next to no progress being made in their civil rights.

  • La violence quotidienne: France’s labour law reform

    La violence quotidienne: France’s labour law reform

    Violence has become a sad reality in France’s daily life. A lot of this violence has been triggered by the proposed change of the French labour law. Pmp asked what the reform brings with it and if it is really worth the controversial strikes and violence.

  • Haiti’s difficulties with democracy

    Haiti’s difficulties with democracy

    People took to the streets of Port-au-Prince and other major cities asking for the ballot to be called off. With people carrying machetes and guns, throwing stones and burning tires, elections were postponed three times in 6 weeks.


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