• #BLM: #ShutDown Racism In Medicine

    #BLM: #ShutDown Racism In Medicine

    Just because it is not explicitly encountered, does not mean it’s not there. Sidelining the matter in medicine will simply inflame perceptions of inferiority and inequality among people of colour and race; the same goes for other professions and services too.

  • Yemen’s Forgotten War: UK to Blame?

    Yemen’s Forgotten War: UK to Blame?

    This is a forgotten war waging at the expense of civilian communities and innocent livelihoods. The parties held accountable are supplied by arms sold from our very own country. It’s time to shine light on the humanitarian crisis.

  • The NHS

    The NHS

    Formed in 1948 under the Labour Party, Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan opened Park Hospital in Manchester, with the idea that care would be provided to all those in need with no on-demand cost. The NHS is funded solely through taxation.


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