• The EU Referendum Explained

    The EU Referendum Explained

    The general public don’t actually know when the Referendum is going to happen the conservatives promised to have the vote by 2017. The European referendum is about asking the population of the United Kingdom whether they want Britain to stay in or leave the European Union. So what exactly is the European Union (EU)? Well to put it briefly – I mean very briefly- the EU is the cooperation of 28 countries who actively regulate and govern on things like movement of people, trade and even the price of milk!

  • Europe’s Last Dictator

    Alexander Lukashenko has become the president of Belarus for the fifth time after the widely predicted victory in the presidential elections in October. The 61-year-old president received 83.5% of the votes, while Tatiana Korotkevich, his rival, stopped at only 4.4%. Belarus, one of the poorest countries in Europe, declared its sovereignty in 1990 after the


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