Hillary Clinton Spotlight

It isn't easy paving the way for women in politics but somebody's got to do it.

Hillary Clinton has been a lawyer, Senator and Secretary of State, and is now aiming to become the 2016 US Democratic Party candidate for the presidential elections. Clinton has undergone a long career in politics and has succeeded in making many changes. She has been an advocate for women’s and children’s rights and helped in breaking through gender prejudices. Today, she is considered by many as a symbol of women empowerment.

Hillary became interested in politics when she was young and this passion was later developed during her time at Wellesley college, where she also started to show her first signs of leadership. As head of Student Government, Hillary managed to keep the students united and to organize strikes on important issues, such as increasing African-American enrollment. During this time, many of the students in her school said that she would become President one day. She then attended Yale Law School where she met what would become her future husband, former President Bill Clinton.


23 Mar 2015, Washington, DC, USA — Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes part in a Center for American Progress roundtable discussion on “Expanding Opportunities in America’s Urban Areas” in Washington. — Image by © Brooks Kraft/Corbis

After graduating, she started to work as a lawyer and at the same time working her way into the world of politics. Her breakthrough came during the 1992 presidential campaign of her husband in which she proved a valuable partner. As First Lady, she took a non-traditional position and got engaged in many important issues. In 1997, she was influential in creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provided funding for children whose parents were unable to pay for their health care. Hillary also used her influence to campaign for women’s rights and equality. She actively worked for raising the minimum wage and improving the image of women in American society. She continued with the same devotion to these causes even after leaving the White House when she became Senator of New York.

Under Obama’s presidency, she served as Secretary of State, a position she used to make women’s rights a central talking point of US objectives. She also led diplomatic efforts around the world, such as the Arab Spring uprisings, or the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel a few years ago.

Along with her husband, Hillary has founded the Clinton Foundation, which has improved the living conditions for nearly 400 million people in over 180 countries.

Despite the many different opinions about her (mainly influenced by the Benghazi case), there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton has revolutionized the role of women in politics and has helped to break through the prejudices. Most importantly, she has contributed immensely to society by taking steps in several important issues.




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