Our Mission

We fight political apathy

We believe everyone should be able to  enter the debate

We, contributors of Politics Made Public (PMP), want to bring back general political interest to where it should be. Our vision of a political review lies in approachability – did you actually understand what you were reading, or did you just get the general gist that something bad happened?

We do this by making politics simple, approachable and interesting

Politics Made Public makes a point out of not digressing to academic fanciness, because we recognize you as a part of the general public and not a Ph. D.
Our magazine gives you a starting point to the event, a timeline, and an open-ended room for discussion with as little bias as possible. We include several aspects to the given topic so that you can make up your own mind in trying to understand what actually happened.

The social purpose and sole reason for the existence of the company is to eliminate political apathy in young people, through the delivery of approachable, engaging and educational political news. The company is accountable only to the audience to whom it delivers its social purpose, and is to be held as a democratic institution at all times”

Article 3 of the Constitution of Politics Made Public.