Still a dialogue of the deaf in Syria

"Only the Syrian people are entitled to decide who should govern their country"

After the first airstrikes in Syria in late September, Russia has intensified its military campaign against the rebel forces fighting the regime as well as the Islamic State. More than 60 airstrikes occurred over the weekend and a first naval bombardment on Wednesday. Mr Putin, in an interview with a Russian state television, defended his strategy claiming that without the help of Russia, things would have turned worse for Syria. “Our goal is to stabilize the lawful authorities and to create the condition for finding a political compromise” he said. According to Mr. Putin, there’s an urgent need of military actions since both rebels and Islamic State are fighting all over the country and Syrian political authorities are almost besieged in the capital. He confirmed Russian support to Mr. Assad’s government saying that it must be stabilized along with the Syrian army. The president of Russia believes that the government is vital for Syria to prevent the chaos that there is now in Lybia and Iraq.

On the other hand, Mr. Barack Obama
defined Russia’s strategy motivated by weakness. “If you think that
running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in, in order too
prop up your only ally is leadership, then we’ve got a different definition of
leadership” the president of US answered when they asked him if Putin is
challenging his leadership. Since the beginning of the civil war in 2011, Obama
has played patience, trying to avoid another invasion like the one in Iraq.
However, the Pentagon training for Syrian rebels has not helped the country too
much. “Obama’s strategy of patience is just shuffling the cards”
Niall Ferguson said. While Russia believes in its military solution, it seems
that US still have to find their own strategy to help a country destroyed by
war and to help millions of refugees who are invading Europe, even if in an
address to the nation, Mr. Obama said that US is no longer the “global
policeman”. Niall Ferguson pointed out that “The great flaw in
Obama’s strategy is insisting the only alternative to doing next to nothing is
all-out invasion”.

The only authorisation was for airstrikes with Gulf States against IS. Despite
several attacks, IS still controls a great part of eastern Syria. The Islamic
State seemed to be the key point in this conflict, since both Mr. Obama and Mr.
Putin were trying to oppose it, but on September, 8th the president of Russia
asked for a joint action and Obama refused. All the western countries refused
to support Bashar al-Assad in this war.

“What we must all
avoid at all cost at this stage is a continuation of conflict” Staffan de
Mistura, the UN mediator, said “the situation could move into a toxic type
of cocktail, a combination of a creeping Afghanistan with shades of Libya and
Somalia. Hence the need for an urgent political process to start now.”

“Only the Syrian people are entitled to decide who should govern their
country” Putin said.

The only thing that seems to continue is this dialogue of the deaf.


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