• The Neglect of Native Americans in Politics

    The Neglect of Native Americans in Politics

    Throughout history Native Americans have suffered oppression from white Americans. It has been no different in this latest election period which has highlighted just how lowly they are regarded as an ethnic group in America. Native Americans have been ignored and placated by federal government to a level of unacceptable cultural genocide with next to no progress being made in their civil rights.

  • There’s Hope: Melvin B. Tolson

    There’s Hope: Melvin B. Tolson

    This man was a poet and politician. Apart from this, perhaps unorthodox, combination he also taught speech and English at Wiley College, Texas for more than 20 years. No, Tolson wasn’t just any teacher. In fact, he built the award-winning debate team: the Wiley Forensic Society.


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