• Celebrity Politics

    Celebrity Politics

    As the election grows nearer and nearer, each party is scrambling to secure votes by any means they can. The time has past for them to state their policies and agendas so the priority now is to shake as many hands and kiss as many babies as possible. However, for those of uswho are not

  • Leanne Wood interview

    Leanne Wood interview

      With the election most likely to result in a hung parliament, the role of the smaller nationalist parties has become increasingly important. This increased role has meant that their leaders have become more familiar and recognisable to the general public. Jonny and Maisie met up with one of those leaders – Leanne Wood, Leader of

  • GE2015: The Punter’s Guide

    GE2015: The Punter’s Guide

    With less than a week to go it looks like no one is going to win big in this election. Apart from you of course! PMP is here to help you win lucratively on the tightest election for years.* After sitting for hours on the Internet trying to figure out how betting even works, your

  • The Trewth

    The Trewth

    Earlier this week headlines along the lines of ‘Ed Miliband spotted slinking out of Russell Brand’s house late at night’ were splattered across the papers. Shock! Horror! What was Ed Miliband doing associating with the likes of Russell Brand; the very man who has encouraged people not to vote with ideas he has put forward

  • Tories Undercover: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

    Tories Undercover: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

    On the 24th of April, Cambridge news published an article called “Tory candidate Matthew Hancock’s leaflet cock-up leaves ‘a whole district laughing’”. The reason for the district’s amusement is a rather unfortunate abbreviation of the candidate’s surname, when his campaign leaflet is folded in half. However, this incident is not the only one in Newmarket

  • Opinion: The Organised Left

    Opinion: The Organised Left

    The surge of the Green Party has led to an interesting dilemma this election. For many left-minded folk like me, it means that we have to choose between voicing our opinions by voting for the Greens and ignoring our true ideals in order to elect a Labour government. There are two reasons for this. Firstly,


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