• Throwback Thursday: #PastyTax #PastryForThePeople

    Throwback Thursday: #PastyTax #PastryForThePeople

    Does anyone remember the up roar caused in the 2012 budget when George Osborne attempted to raise the tax bought on hot food? No? That’s a shame as its the reason why you have to pay 20p extra when you say dine in at Costa and Starbucks or wherever else you get your mid morning

  • Fun Facts Friday

    Fun Facts Friday

      With less than a weak to go until polling day I thought I would shy away from a word heavy article and instead just give you 20 random facts about the election, ranging from the obvious to the downright odd. Enjoy!   86 MPs are standing down at this election. That means, regardless of

  • Britain, Ukraine, and Russia: The question of Crimea

    Britain, Ukraine, and Russia: The question of Crimea

    The annexation of Crimea happened on March 18th 2014. The internationally recognised territory of Ukraine was annexed by the Russian Federation, following a military intervention in the aftermath of the Ukrainian revolution. The then-president and pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown, which proved to be a key factor in persuading Vladimir Putin to take action. Russian

  • The General Election in Northern Ireland… (made simple)

    The General Election in Northern Ireland… (made simple)

    The politics of Northern Ireland is still very much divided by sectarian allegiances. Since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 only one seat has changed hands between Republican and Unionist parties (Belfast South was gained by the Social Democratic and Labour Party from the Ulster Unionist Party). Given these keenly felt sectarian divisions it comes as

  • Thurrock’s New Badger Problem

    Thurrock’s New Badger Problem

    Thurrock, for as long as I can remember, has had a badger problem. Caring little for the frivolous values us locals hold so dearly, like courtesy, love and goodness, they have been a thorn in the side of the Thurrocksonian for as long as I can remember. Once, under the cover of darkness, a bus

  • Are Students Losing Their Green love?

    Are Students Losing Their Green love?

    With polls showing that Natalie Bennett’s dislike ratings have doubled within the last seven months, support for Green on campus has decreased from 28% to just 15%. But why? After media performances failed to impress, with Bennett stumbling for words, students have begun to lose interest. Lib Dem could once-upon-a-time guarantee the support of students,


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