Throwback Thursday: The Campaign Special

Throwback Thursday: The Campaign Special

The five biggest blunder moments of the election campaigns: 5.Nick Clegg on Channel 4’s The Last Leg; 4.Emily Thornberry “Image From #Rochester”; 3.When Clegg and Cameron didn't attend the TV Debate; 2. Nigel Farage – Admitting he doesn’t want to be Prime minister; 1. Labour - Set In Stone. There's a massive election hangover coming!


The five biggest blunder moments of the election campaigns

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Nigel Farage Meeting Kate Garraway, Source: ITV News Good Morning Britain

5.Nick Clegg on Channel 4’s The Last Leg

The presenters Of The Last Leg: Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widicomb jokingly invited Nick Clegg to try and explain why people should vote. To everyone’s surprise he accepted. The episode consisted of a grilling from Brooker, the coining of a “BullShit Button” which was pressed pretty much any time Clegg opened his mouth; and ended on Nick Clegg (with the other presenters) throwing fruit at Brooker’s modified prosthetic leg. It was an exceptional example of how Politicians try to come across as ‘normal’, whilst retaining a professional veneer. In a vain attempt to appeal to normal people, Clegg said: “Its like going to Nandos and asking someone else to order for you and then you get something you don’t want!” He also was forced in to saying that over the last five years he had wanted to slap Cameron more than twenty times!

4.Emily Thornberry “Image From #Rochester”

Although not strictly in the General election Campaign, this image is now infamous in British political circles. The Islington Labour MP, Emily Thornberry, tweeted an image of a white van and England Flags hanging from the windows of a house and the media took it by storm labelling her a ‘snob’. She eventually quit over the accusations and the media uproar. Her brother, a builder, defended her saying it wasn’t Emilybeing snobby but the media projecting their own preconceptions’ fashioning a narrative around it. Her brother stated that it was ‘very unlike Emily’ to be a snob as the house in the picture looked very like the one they grew up in.

3.When Clegg and Cameron didn’t attend the TV Debate.

The two C’s in government (Clegg and Cameron – not what you were thinking!) didn’t compete for our affection in the TV debate on 16th April and the public were left wondering what more important things were they doing? This meant the five leaders who did attend had the chance to voice their opinions and show that they could do a better job. The fact that the two leaders of the coalition weren’t there also opened them up to some pretty funny insults. Although it ended amicably between Milliband, Sturgeon, Bennett and Wood, poor Nigel was left out!

2. Nigel Farage –Admitting he doesn’t want to be Prime minister

[Applause] Finally something we agree on. While being interviewed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain Farage was asked by Kate Garraway “would you like to be Prime Minister?” He replied “I don’t think that’s my role in life, I don’t think I’d be very good at it!” ITV ran with the quote, using it in all their tag lines and slogans. Although when we saw the interview it looked like there was some careful contextual editing. Because why be a leader of a party and not want the top job? This nearly took our top spot because it is a terrible mistake! But it didn’t because most people seem to agree with him and this could be a clever ploy to make Farage seem more normal. Argh politicians and their mind games!

1. Labour – Set In Stone

 How Poetic! Putting your principled, but very vague, promises in stone so neither you nor the country can forget how much you will inevitably fail. And then promising to install the monolith in your future garden so you can be reminded of how much you plan to fail. The critics on the right call it Ed’s grave stone the left call it his mill stone- and I can’t think of anymore stone related puns to make. All we can say is that no matter what happens today there will be a massive election hangover when they realise the consequences of their symbolism.


Also Please Don’t Forget To Vote


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