The Gove, the Bad and the Random

Dead pigeons and Gove's young gay love


The last month or so has been a frantic and chaotic adventure through the best and worst of politics with the election of new party leaders, a former child star blaming the Syrian civil war on climate change and, of course, the launch of PMP issue 5. October sees both the start of the academic year and, although they were elected back in May, the real start of the Parliamentary calendar. If the recent party conferences are anything to go by, it’s going to be a very interesting year.

This first ‘Conversation’ article of the academic year doesn’t have a specific theme; a semi-deliberate decision (any English language students out there – can something be semi-deliberate?). This is for two reasons; Firstly, I couldn’t decide on a specific topic I wanted to cover but had a group of smaller topics that were of interest. Secondly, I wanted to advertise this section and ask you, the readers, what topics you want to discuss.

Quirky election facts

First up, some random and quirky election facts complied by the BBC’s World at One programme.

· Labour sold 13,821 tea towels

· Twitter users shared 20,386 selfies with Nicola Surgeon

· David Cameron travelled nearly 13,000 miles

· Leanne Wood used 540 kirby grips for her trademark hairstyle

· One pigeon was hit by the Lib Dem bus.

As was pointed out at the time, #pigeongate was pretty ominous for the Liberal Democrats in the end.

Michael Gove

If you ever wanted proof that Michael Gove hasn’t changed in 22 years then you may enjoy this absolute gem that the BBC archive found. Not often you get Michael Gove talking about “young gay love”.

Any ideas?

This section is great fun to run, however it gets a bit repetitive if it’s just me writing week after week. So, if you have any ideas for articles you want to write or collaborate on then please get in touch or pitch them on Camayak. Let’s start some conversations!

Next week’s article

The plan for next week’s article is to interview some Americans, in the US, about gun control. This is of course assuming that I don’t get refused entry at JFK for making some sarcastic remark about the stupidity of gun control laws or rather the lack of them.

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