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The Weekly Roundup

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puzzle-210786_640.jpgChina Considers Adopting a “Two-Child” Policy as a Result of Uneven Demographics

China could be on the verge of adopting a new two-child policy that would allow couples to have two children for the first time in over 35 years. The new legislation is said to pass by the end of the year “if everything goes well”, a government source was quoted as saying. However, Beijing played down the claims that the legislation would be passed by that time.

The current legislation, which allows couples to only have one child, has been blamed for millions of forced abortions and an unstable demographic. It is estimated that this legislation prevented over 400 million births since its conception. It is estimated that China’s ageing population is growing while the labour pool is shrinking. As a result, the country will have 440 million over-60s by 2050. On top of that, the working age population has shrunk from 3.71 million last year and is estimated to continue like this each year.

acropolis-825602_640.jpgHellenic Parliament Approves Next Phase of Bailout Reforms

The Greek government passed a vote for the third bailout programme on Thursday after the European Central Bank provided Greece with further liquidity. 230 MPs backed the measures demanded by Greece’s creditors while 63 voted against it in a late night vote.

This vote clears the way for Greece to begin formal talks with lenders over a bailout package that would provide €86 billion over three years. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras urged MPs to vote in support of the bailout which would save Greece from bankruptcy and allow it to stay in the eurozone. Additionally, the bailout funds will fill cash machines as the tourist season continues on.


New Dash Cam Footage Shows Sandra Bland’s Arrest


Sandra Bland was arrested on July 10 in Waller County Texas after being pulled over for failure to signal when switching lanes in what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. She was accused of assaulting an officer and was “argumentative and uncooperative”, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

On Tuesday, authorities released dashcam footage that shows her arrest and reveals new details about her case.

Her family’s attorney stated that the officer asked Bland to get out of her car when she refused to put out her cigarette. He then opened the driver’s side door and asked her to get out. The video also shows the officer threatening Bland with a taser and saying: “I will light you up!”

On July 13, Bland was found dead in her jail cell after she hanged herself with a trash bag, authorities said. They also said that camera footage in the hallway showed no one entering or leaving her cell before the time of her death.

Controversy surrounding this case stem from Bland’s family who state that she would not commit suicide. The investigation is being treated like a murder suicide, according to Waller County District Attorney, Elton Mathis. He said that it was too early to determine whether or not it was a murder or suicide but the case will go on to a grand jury

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