“Why I Support the Greens”

“Why I Support the Greens”

Peter talks about the NHS and why he supports the Greens. Want to respond to Peter with your stance? Look below:

SmallTalks is PMP’s new open platform for anyone with a perspective on a socially, politically or culturally relevant topic or issue to share their message in an unchallenged, three-minute ‘Small Talk’.
This is all about giving individuals a voice:
– Do you care about something that deserves more public attention?
– Do you share an idea that should be spread?

If you’re interested in writing and presenting a talk then please get in touch with us at smalltalk@politicsmadepublic.com

DISCLAIMER: Politics Made Public in no way endorses the parties or political views expressed in any of our SmallTalk videos. The views expressed in all videos are pertinent to the presenters respectively.


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